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    • Corporate Culture

            With a strong basis of five straight, Shuguang Group aims to gathering the brightest talents and building a promissing future together. it is also a symbol of solid foundation and the rapid pace of development.The rising sun breaking the horizon is vibrant, symbolizing the flourishing business and an expectation of a brilliant future .

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    Business Introduction

    ITS & Smart City

    Shuguang Group got involved early in ITS and Smart city research, planning, construction and implementation. It focuses on research and development of RFID, ITS and smart city system design, system integration, system operation and investment management.

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    Ecological & Intelligent Agriculture

    Shuguang Group has been delicated to the development and scientific and technological application of ecological and wisdom agriculture projects. Among all the projects, the traceability system covers many aspects, such as food, agriculture, liquor and chinese medicinal crop.

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    Health service & Maintenance

    In order to meet the needs of the times, Shuguang Group propose to take advantage of global natural, technological, human and educational resources, to provide execelent health service for global customers to maintain healthy body and mind, nourish life, and build a healthy society.

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    Real Estate & Industrial Development

    Shuguang Group is successively involved in many projects,such as the Shugung International Plaza ,Diamond Plaza and etc. Among them, Shugung International Plaza,the gateway of Tianfu New Area,locates in 26/F,No.56-TianHui Mid-Street,Hi-tech Zone of Chengdu and it is one of the oldest development and construction region of Tianfu New Area.

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    Financial Investment

    Shuguang Group activitily takes part in investment holding entity industrial companies, venture capital, finance and investment at home and abroad, and it has always been concerned of new generation information technology, energy saving and environmental protection (superconductivity, thermal power generation, etc.), bio-engineering and other high-tech (IOT, terahertz etc.).

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    Big Data & Smart City West Research Institute

    Shuguang Group was early involved in the study ,planning and constrcuction execution of Big Data and Smart City. The strategic significance of Big Data is not to master the huge data, but to process the useful data in a professional way.

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